More than half of social workers had not completed the registration renewal process two weeks out from the 30 November deadline.

Social Work England (SWE) revealed that, on 16 November 2023, 45,875 social workers had completed their renewal application form, submitted two pieces of continuing professional development (CPD) and paid their £90 fee.

This is 45.3% of the total who need to complete the full renewal process.

Social Work England is concerned that renewals are tracking behind 2022 levels, with 46.7% of relevant practitioners having renewed at the same point last year.

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SWE Executive Director of Regulation,  Philip Hallam, said:

“Despite seeing an increase during September and October, it is concerning that the number of social workers who have completed the necessary steps to renew their registration as of 16 November 2023, is slightly below the levels of last year.

“Social workers must apply to renew their registration before 30 November 2023, or risk being removed from the register. If they do not apply to renew, their registration will lapse.”

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