A nurse has been struck off after giving Covid-19 vaccinations to friends and family of colleagues, even though they were not eligible at the time.

The BBC reported that Diana Morris, a nurse at Dockham Surgery in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, had told the recipients the doses were left over and would be thrown away if not used. At the time, only those who were over 70 and front line workers were eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations, but Ms Morris administered jabs, and assisted a colleague to administer them, to people who were not eligible.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing found the “experienced nurse” failed to check the patients’ medical records and did not inform the surgery of what was happening. She was issued a striking-off order and interim suspension order for 18 months.

It is reported that the hearing heard that the nurse also failed to keep records of the vaccinations and did not properly check patients’ medical records before vaccinating them, putting them at risk.

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She also vaccinated her husband who was not registered with the surgery and gave another patient a second vaccine just a few weeks after his first, despite guidance that the two doses should be administered 12 weeks apart.

The report, released earlier this month, states:

“By administering Covid-19 vaccines without preliminary checks of patients’ medical records, carrying out patients’ risk assessments and failing to record administration of Covid-19 vaccine and to report the vaccinations to patients’ registered practices, Ms Morris put 17 patients at the risk of harm.”

In an email to the NMC in January 2022, Ms Morris said:

“I worked so hard throughout the pandemic, going to do home visits and see patients within the surgery too, there was no let up and little support – it was mentally draining.

“I have an impeccable record prior to this and have always prided myself on being an excellent nurse with a very caring and compassionate nature, and would certainly never knowingly put any patent at risk.”

Ms Morris said she was struggling mentally as she felt “ruined” and that she had “lost everything”, including her home, job and reputation.

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