Category: Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

KINGS VIEW FEATURE: Fit to Practise – An Explanation of the Restoration Process

If you have been struck off, you can apply for restoration. The process is complicated and evidence has shown legal representation is key to success.

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FEATURE: Can you expect your employer to support you through your fitness to practise investigation?

Support from your employer will be limited but there is clear evidence that legal representation can make a positive difference to the outcome of your case.

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Does remediation training matter in fitness to practise?

Remediation is where a doctor addresses concerns about their fitness to practise. Remediation training is often a key step in demonstrating remediation.

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Workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS and social care

Government responds to Health and Social Care Committee’s report on workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS and social care.

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Refusing Covid vaccination a fitness to practise issue?

With the Government U-turn on mandatory vaccination for health and care staff, regulators have been issuing statements on the issue.

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