Social Work England is asking social workers to take important steps to ensure the smooth renewal of their professional registration.

The specialist regulator expects to receive around 100,000 renewal applications this autumn and is urging social workers to get ahead for the annual renewal period. There are several quick actions that can be done now to help people avoid a last minute rush in submitting their application, which must be done between 1 September and 30 November.

Social workers are advised to log on to their Social Work England online account as soon as possible to:

  • Check their contact details, including their email address.
  • Check their bank and direct debit details.
  • Record at least one piece of continuing professional development (CPD) which reflects on how their learning impacts their practice.
  • Add their personal information in the new equality and diversity section (this is voluntary but will help the regulator fill gaps in data about the profession).

Registration with Social Work England is a legal requirement for anybody who wishes to practise as a social worker in England. Social workers are key workers who play a vital role in public protection and being registered reinforces that they are part of a professional, qualified and regulated workforce like doctors, nurses and dentists.

Social workers will receive an email about the renewal process, so it’s important that they check their junk email folder and add and to their ‘safe’ list.

Philip Hallam, executive director for registration, quality assurance and legal said:

“Last year over 94% of social workers renewed their registration successfully and on time. We have worked in partnership with the sector to make the process straightforward and that’s why we would like people to get prepared by doing some simple checks on their online account ahead of the renewal period opening on 1 September. CPD is best recorded as you do it, all year round. You don’t need to wait until September. We’ve got a wealth of advice on our website. Although training can be an important part of learning, CPD can be any activity social workers feel would benefit their practice. We want social workers to get into the habit of recognising and recording daily experiences as CPD. Reading a piece of research, conducting an interview or writing a reflective piece about learning from challenges all count as valuable CPD, helping to raise professional standards in the sector.”

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