The General Dental Council (GDC) announce changes to its rules for the registration of internationally qualified dentists from March 2024.

The rules are being introduced following a consultation on routes to registration for internationally qualified dentists and dental care professionals held earlier this year. 

Making sure that the dental professionals who join the register meet our high standards for safe and effective care is fundamental to our public protection role. The same standards for registration are applied to applicants who qualify abroad as those who train in the UK, and those who qualify outside the UK make an important contribution to the UK dental workforce.

The new rules provide the basis for the introduction of an Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) application processing fee and to increase examination fees to ensure associated cost are recovered and fees are “allocated fairly”. These initial changes mean that the GDC can now take further steps to deliver additional ORE capacity while we modernise the international registration framework. 

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Rebecca Cooper, Associate Director of Policy and Research, said:

“These changes ensure that appropriate rules are in place when the current legislation falls away in March 2024. ORE capacity has been limited primarily because we have been unable to fully fund the exam from candidate fees. In line with our consultation proposals, we will soon be setting new fees for the exam, with a view to making it self-funding. We will then procure services for provision of the exam from appropriate providers. Alongside this, we are focusing on longer-term work to develop a comprehensive framework for a modernised process to register dental professionals who qualify overseas.”

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