The General Dental Council has published the outcome report for its consultation on updating the Guidance on Indemnity and Insurance, along with the revised guidance that will come into effect from 12 February 2024.

Writing on its website, the GDC said:

“Although the updated guidance does not introduce any new requirements for dental professionals, it clarifies the requirements around holding cover that will compensate patients who have suffered harm, in the event of a successful claim. The updated guidance also encourages dental professionals to consider the level of cover they require across their scope of practice.

“The guidance includes a checklist and series of questions for dental professionals to consider when choosing an indemnity or insurance cover – all of which is there to make it easier for dental professionals to decide on the type and level of cover they’ll need to protect themselves and their patients. The guidance also explains the additional benefits that dental professionals should consider when arranging their indemnity, such as including advice and support for their wellbeing during a claim.

“Updates to our guidance reflect our wider ambition to promote professional behaviours, skills and attributes across dentistry. With the Guidance on Indemnity and Insurance, we aim to encourage professionalism and decision-making about the choice of cover that is in the best interests of patients.”


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The GDC continued:

“Dental professionals are required by law to have appropriate indemnity or insurance in place before they practise. This is to ensure any patient who suffers harm during treatment can seek appropriate compensation. We encourage dental professionals to familiarise themselves with the updated guidance as it now provides more information to better support them to meet their responsibilities towards patients.”

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