The Nursing & Midwifery Council have published the draft Terms of Reference for the investigations into concerns about its fitness to practice procedures.

The investigation follows a series of reports by The Independent citing a NMC whistleblower who said their concerns, flagged to the NMC, were met with “the same defensive management culture, prioritisation of its own reputation over its legal obligations, and poor treatment of whistleblowers that has recently been criticised as the reason for Lucy Letby not being prevented from practising earlier”.

The NMC appointed Ijeoma Omambala KC to undertake the investigation.  The nursing regulator has now published an update on progress made, including a draft Terms of Reference.

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NMC Council paper stated that:

  • The first investigation is into the way the NMC have responded to the concerns raised.
  • The second investigation is into the FtP cases highlighted in the concerns raised.
  • A third “external investigation” will focus on the concerns raised about the NMC’s culture.

 The Council papers also revealed that The Charity Commission has opened a regulatory compliance case into the concerns raised.

Andrea Sutcliffe, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar, said:

“When the concerns were raised, we committed to responding with rigour and transparency, facilitated by external experts. I’m glad that this work can now get fully under way, thanks to the quick and diligent way in which Ijeoma, our Council and colleagues have worked together to shape the terms of reference.

“These terms are clear that this is about learning the lessons that will improve our casework in the future. The investigations are not about the actions of any one individual. We’ll be transparent about the findings, and about any actions we need to take forward to protect people’s safety.”

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