The NMC has launched new resources supporting midwives to work in partnership with women and families, “ensuring the best possible experiences during pregnancy”.

Called ‘The best midwifery care happens in partnership’, the new resources centres on a set of resources designed to support midwives to reflect on the positive impact they’ve had for women and people in maternity care, as well as anything they might do differently in the future. 

The NMC will also provide supportive information to members of the public. This will aim to increase people’s understanding of what they can expect from their midwives and how they can work in partnership to reach informed decisions about their care. 

Sam Foster, NMC Executive Director of Professional Practice, said: 

“Women and people in maternity care go through lots of different emotions and experiences. Every birth is unique but what everyone has in common is a wish to be heard and to receive personalised care. 

“That’s why our new resources support midwives to deliver the type of person-centred midwifery care that everyone preparing for the birth of a child has the right to receive. Through real, inspiring stories told by women, we showcase the impact of active listening on positive experiences and outcomes for people.” 

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