The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has launched a consultation which outlines proposed changes to the Standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

The revisions fall under five key themes:

  • equality diversity and inclusion;
  • communication with colleagues, service users and carers;
  • duty of candour;
  • upskilling and training responsibilities; and
  • managing existing health conditions and disabilities in the workplace.

On its website, the HCPC said:

“The proposed changes follow a pre-consultation period where we gathered insight into how individuals use the Standards, what they think of them, and what changes they may need.

“An additional theme – sustainability in health and care – is also discussed in the consultation to explore future revision to the Standards.

“We have also reviewed the guidance on social media that accompanies the Standards. The new guidance is included as part of this consultation.

“To support the consultation period, we are hosting six workshops. These workshops will explore each key theme of the consultation and gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the revisions we have made.

“We will review all responses to our consultation carefully and consider how we might reflect feedback in the final changes, to ensure the best outcomes for registrants, employers, the wider health and care sector and the public.”

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