The nurse at the centre of the case, Golden v Nursing and Midwifery Council [2023], said he will appeal the High Court decision.

We previously reported that Mr Justice Ritchie has upheld a Striking-off Order in the case of Golden v Nursing and Midwifery Council [2023] EWHC 619 (Admin) (21 March 2023).

Mr Golden, speaking to Fitness to Practise News, said he plans to appeal the High Court decision, saying:

“This case took over three and a half years to get a hearing in the High Court that was then focused on technicalities rather than justice.  However, Lord Justice Richie did condemn the NMC’s “Combative” approach to registrants who need clarity over any allegations.

“He went much further verbally condemning the NMC’s failure to provide the defence to the panel until after they made a decision to strike the nurse midwife off the register.

“The case was focused on a theoretical requirement to have professional indemnity insurance that is not available in France.

“The judge failed to recognise ‘necessity’ or good samaritan acts as reasonable defences to not having insurance (where none is available or required by all other midwives working in France).

“The case is not about any harm to a mother or baby, only the technical requirements for professional indemnity insurance.”

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