The draft guidance explains the professional behaviours and values expected of osteopathy students, and how education providers can take action if a student’s fitness to practise is called into question.  Writing on its website, the General Osteopathic Council wrote:

“Students must demonstrate certain values and behaviours in order to meet the Graduate Outcomes and be awarded a recognised qualification. The guidance explains these professional behaviours to students and the role of GOsC and education providers in supporting students to develop these behaviours and values before they graduate.

“We are proposing changes to the current guidance, which was first published as two separate documents in 2016, to make sure it reflects the latest version (2019) of the Osteopathic Practise Standards (OPS).”

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The guidance “makes clear the professional behaviours expected of students and strengthens guidance in key areas such as professional boundaries, candour and raising concerns. Students are expected to demonstrate that they can practise in line with the OPS before graduating and joining the Register. We welcome views from all, especially osteopaths, students and educators. All feedback provided to us will inform the final version” GOsC said.

The two current guidance documents published in 2016 are available to view on our website:

The deadline for responses to this consultation is Wednesday 1 May 2024.

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