The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England and GPHC Chief Executive have written to pharmacists, reassuring them that any concerns will be viewed within the context of working under sustained demands and pressures.

In the email, David Webb, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, NHS England and Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive, General Pharmaceutical Council wrote:

“We understand you may be worried that concerns could be raised with the regulator about your practice. We want to reassure you that in the unlikely event that you are referred to the regulator, they will consider the context you were working in at the time, including factors relating to the environment in which you were working and all relevant resources, guidelines or protocols. We also expect employers, educational supervisors, professional bodies and national health and social care organisations to take the challenging situations you may be facing into account.”

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In the email, they acknowledged that there will be “high and sustained demands and pressures” on pharmacists for “weeks and months”.  In doing so, they reminded pharmacists of the importance to work within their competency, saying:

“… you may have to make some difficult decisions as you deal with the pressures you may face. Please use your professional judgement to assess and mitigate risk, and to deliver safe and effective care for your patients within your scope of practice. Regulatory standards for pharmacy professionals and – where relevant – the standards for registered pharmacies are there to support you in making what may sometimes be difficult decisions. These standards are designed to be adaptable and to provide a framework for decision-making in a wide range of situations.”

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