An Orthodontist, whose “mewing” techniques have racked up nearly two billion TikTok views, faces a GDC misconduct hearing.

The BBC reported that a General Dental Council (GDC) professional conduct committee heard Dr Mew seeks to treat children with “head and neck gear”.  It reported that, Lydia Barnfather, representing the GDC, said comments made by Dr Mew, who claims to help “alter the cranial facial structure”, on his YouTube channel were “pejorative” about orthodontists.

He also recommends “lower and upper arch expansion appliances” to help align teeth and shape the jawline, she told the hearing in central London.

She said:

“He believes that orthodontic therapy is erroneously based on the concept of genetic aetiology, what has been inherited, where he believes that the cranial facial form should be addressed with regards to environmental geology.

“It’s his belief that environmental factors have led to faces having a down swing and in diagnosing what he calls cranial facial dystrophy.”

The tribunal heard a consultant was “so concerned” by what he saw in the girl’s mouth and the “harm the appliances were doing” that he referred Dr Mew to a council.

In one case, Patient A was advised to use upper and lower arch expansion appliances and wear neck gear to “gain a substantial increase in nasal capacity”, “improve the midface”, “change the swallowing pattern” and “guide facial growth”.

Dr Mew, who denies the allegations, said Patient A’s mother was “entirely supportive” of the treatment, and that she was “very happy” with the outcome.

Dr Mew’s techniques have sparked an online trend of sharing results on social media platforms like Reddit.

The hearing continues.

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