i News reported that  General Medical Council (GMC) is progressing three cases of doctors linked to coronavirus conspiracy theories.

It is reported that the GMC has received complaints about seven doctors in relation to Covid-19 conspiracies since the start of the pandemic on 1 March 2020 but it has closed the cases of four doctors.

None of the three cases the GMC is currently investigation has been referred to the MPTS.

A GMC spokesperson said:

“Concerns of this kind are especially serious when the pandemic is such a threat to public health. We expect doctors to act with honesty and integrity, and not to spread misinformation.

“Some doctors may well have strong personal beliefs in this area, but they must provide factual information to patients and recommend the most effective treatments based on the best available evidence.

“We consider all complaints carefully and take whatever action necessary to protect patients and public confidence in the medical profession.”