GDC’s Head of Public Policy writes about the innovation shown during the pandemic including on the way the GDC regulates dentists.

Osama Ammar, GDC’s Head of Public Policy, said that General Dental Council (GDC) “research and engagement points to some areas of innovation, driven by the pandemic, offering potential solutions to new problems or long-standing issues that have been exacerbated.”

On the issue of innovation and professional regulation, he continued:

“Eventually, innovation impacts on patients, and that is where regulation will need to play a role. We will primarily rely upon the professional judgements of dental professionals within suitable clinical governance systems, but there may be areas where regulation is required, or which push at the boundaries of how the regulatory model was designed almost 40 years ago.”

Speaking about the GDC’s lobbying of Government to change “outdated legislation” that constrains the GDC’s ability to innovate, he concluded by saying changes in legislation will give the GDC “more flexibility to adapt” its regulatory approach to a changing world.

“We believe that is the best way to put in place effective regulation that protects the public through effective safeguards but also fosters safe innovation, allowing dentistry as a whole to take advantage of new opportunities and to address the challenges the public face in accessing dental care.”   

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