Social Work England (SWE) has confirmed fitness to practise rules changes came in to effect on 16 December 2022. SWE consulted on changes to its Regulations between August and October 2022.  These amendments, that came in to effect on 16 December 2022, were to:
  • allow voluntary removal from the register when a social worker is subject to fitness to practise proceedings and there is no public interest in continuing those proceedings.
  • allow the social worker, complainant, the regulator or any interested party to request a review of a case examiner decision. Where a decision is materially flawed or there is new information that may have led to a different decision, and where a fresh decision is necessary in the public interest, for the protection of the public, or to prevent injustice to the social worker, we can refer a case back to the case examiners for a fresh decision to be made.
SWE confirmed that these changes “will have an impact on those with an open fitness to practise case.” Find out more about these rule changes.  
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