A surgeon who lied about his experience in an interview for a well paid hospital job has been struck off the medical register.

Based on the lies, Sudip Sarker was appointed to an £84,000 job at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, but immediately struggled.

He was jailed for fraud in 2018 after he lied about the number of operations he had carried out.  His trial at Worcester Crown Court in 2018 heard his “gross exaggeration” in his interview had since led to the Trust facing more than £2m in medical negligence pay-outs.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) found that his conviction impaired his fitness to practise, brought the medical profession into disrepute and that there was a risk of repeat if he was not banned from practising as a doctor.

The MPTS heard evidence from the General Medical Council (GMC) which said Sarker’s “lack of insight is astounding and that the doctor remains convinced that he had done nothing wrong”.

Sarker maintained to the panel that his conviction “was the result of an honest mistake”, and while he said he “could find no evidence that he had harmed any patients while he was employed at the Trust”, the MTPS found he “put patients at risk” through his lie.