The General Medical Council (GMC) has updated its decision making guidance to ensure that “when they are assessing individual fitness to practise cases…. the context of the pandemic is taken into account and decisions are fair and proportionate to the circumstances. “

The GMC said:

“Our health services continue to face extreme pressures as we enter a new year, and we’re doing all we can to support doctors and the health system during the pandemic.” 

This follows a similar move by the NMC recently, who also issued a statement to reassure nurses that context will be taken into account when fitness to practise issues arise.

The GMC continued:

“The guidance includes new advice to reflect the sustained nature of the pandemic and the enhanced impact this can have on issues like fatigue, the availability of resources and workforce shortages.”

Before Christmas GMC’s acting Chair, Professor Dame Carrie MacEwen, wrote to all registered doctors in the UK to remind them that if a concern is raised about their practice, the GMC always take the context into account.

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