Social Work England has published the second Emerging Themes report into the profession it regulates, including fitness to practise insights. 


Fitness to Practise Insights

  • Over the second year of Social Work England’s role as regulator, the highest source of concerns we received came from members of the public (64.9%), followed by employer (20.6%), and self-referral (7.5%). We also received referrals from other social workers (4.7%) and 2.2% of referrals came from other agencies.
  • The most common concerns raised to us related to poor or inappropriate communication (27.4%), dishonesty (15.9%) or safeguarding concerns (12.3%).
  • Other types of concern raised to us included themes of: other, 11.9%; court proceedings, 8.1%; record keeping, 8.0%; professional boundaries, 7.9%; violent or abusive misconduct, 3.3%; conviction, 1.8%; health (other), 1.4%; health (substance abuse), 1.0%; and sexual misconduct, 1.0%.
  • SWE continue to receive concerns at a higher rate than it anticipated, receiving around 35% more referrals than anticipated.
  • During its second year, SWE have investigated 2,328 concerns, of which 54.6% were closed at triage, and 45.4% progressed to investigation. 30% of those have been referred to the case examiners, 26% of which have received a decision. Of those cases that received a decision, 57% were closed, 34% were referred to a hearing an 9% were resolved through accepted disposal.

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