Social Work England’s February board meeting papers shows that the organisation continues to struggle with meetings its own Fitness to Practise KPIs.

The papers indicated that Social Work England (SWE) was making positive improvements in only one of the key fitness to practise key performance indicator (KPI), it being the percentage of UK applications with no investigation required approved within 10 working days.

It was falling significantly behind on its KPIs for percentage of cases progressing to initial review and streamed within 10 working day, number of open cases in triage and percentage of HCPC case examiner cases referred to hearing.

Jonathan Dillon, Social Work England’s executive director for fitness to practise, said that SWE was addressing the fitness to practise issues through “increase capacity and productivity” saying:

“Additional recruitment has now taken place across the triage, investigations and hearings stages with only case examiners outstanding.”

He continued:

“The process for enquiry and decision making at the triage stage has been redesigned as planned with committee and desk-based decision making now taking place in tandem and the Investigations service has been restructured to create two dedicated teams to focus solely on concluding the oldest cases transitioned from the HCPC.”

SWE is dealing with a HCPC legacy caseload of over 800 fitness to practise cases according to the report.

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