Social Work England is reminding Social Workers to renew their registration before the end of November if they want to continue practice.  Half of the workforce have already completed their annual registration renewal and those who haven’t renewed are “required to do so immediately.”

Social workers must be on Social Work England’s register to practise legally and must renew annually, so the public can be sure they continue to meet the professional standards and practise safely. The deadline is 30 November and social workers who have not renewed will not be able to practise from 1 December.

Social workers who want to stay on the register need to take three steps by 30 November:

1. Submit a renewal application via their online Social Work England account.

2. Pay the annual fee.

3. Record at least one piece of CPD.

Social workers must record at least one piece of CPD on their online account as part of their renewal application. This includes people on extended leave, e.g. maternity leave.

Philip Hallam, executive director of registration, education quality assurance and legal at Social Work England said,

“Thank you to the 50% of social workers who have completed their registration renewal and uploaded their CPD. We urge that social workers don’t leave applying to renew until the last minute. Renewal is a straightforward process, and taking action and completing an application now means that you, your employer, and the public can be assured that social workers have taken all the steps needed to be able to continue to practise from 1 December.

We’ve listened to feedback from last year and refined the process to make it even clearer and easier, recognising the additional pressures social workers have been under during the pandemic. However, registration is a legal requirement and plays a vital role in providing confidence to the public through the process of social workers renewing their registration and demonstrating how they continue to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience.”



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