The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is introducing return to practice requirements for social workers in a new consultation.

On its website, it wrote:

We understand that social workers practice in complex environments and need an extensive knowledge of theory, policy and legislation as well as the skills and confidence to manage the ethical dilemmas, complexity, competing demands and expectations of their professional role.

We’re proposing return to practice requirements for social workers who have been out of social work practice and not registered for over two years so they can update their knowledge, skills and competence while building their confidence to practice.

Insight Works Training

What is being proposed?

Social workers returning to practice after more than two years will need to complete the learning within the 12 months before applying to register, evidencing learning across four themes as part of their SSSC registration application, including: 

  • current legislation and policy
  • social work skills, knowledge, understanding and practice
  • the key codes and standards for practice
  • adult and child protection.

We are proposing a tiered approach to the amount of learning depending on how long you’ve been out of practice and will accept formal learning, informal learning and supervised practice. 

The consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 3 November 2023.

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