Professional Standards Authority’s Annual Report concludes that the regulators generally continued to meet our standards of good regulation.

The Annual Report said an average of 90% of standards met overall and two regulators meeting all standards. However, it noted that the Health and Care Professions Council “needs to significantly improve its performance in fitness to practise.”

Fitness to Practice Decisions

The report also concluded that regulators’ fitness to practice case decisions were mostly managed to a high standard, with findings and sanctions that protect the public appropriately.

However, referring to its powers of appeal, it said “although the numbers are very small, some do not.”  It reported that during the last two years it successfully appealed twice as many cases as in the previous two years. 

Alan Clamp, Chief Executive said:

‘It has been a productive and successful year for the Authority, in challenging circumstances. I would like to express my thanks for the professionalism and hard work of all my colleagues. As we look forward to 2021/22 and beyond, the Professional Standards Authority remains as committed as ever to improving regulation and registration to protect the public.’

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