The Department of Health and Social Care consultation proposes to formalise the regulation of Physician Associates and Anaesthesia Associates under the GMC.

At the end of 2017, the Government consulted on whether to introduce statutory regulation for four medical associate professions (MAPs) including Physician Associates and Anaesthesia Associates and the GMC was later confirmed as the body that would regulate PAs and AAs on a UK-wide basis.

The consultation proposals will mean that anyone practising as a PA or AA must be registered with the GMC and will be subject to the relevant regulatory requirements. There will, however, be some differences between PAs and AAs and doctors.

The consultation sets out specific changes that will be required to give statutory responsibility to the GMC to regulate the PA and AA professions:

  • setting standards of practice, conduct, education and training, and continuing competence; approving and quality assuring education and training programmes;
  • operating fitness to practise procedures where there are concerns about the fitness to practise of a PA or an AA; and
  • recognising international qualifications for the purpose of registration with the GMC.

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