In the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) response to GPhC consultation on remote hearings, the PSA said:

“We do not see any reason why the GPhC shouldn’t continue to hold virtual hearings where this will not affect the integrity and fairness of the hearing. We note that the GPhC and other regulators have been successfully holding remote hearings throughout the pandemic and that most regulators are now moving to enshrine these changes into law.

“Whilst we support the use of virtual hearings where appropriate, it is important that the options of hybrid and in-person hearings remain. We are pleased that GPhC has outlined its commitment to holding in-person hearings where necessary.

“Whilst we support the continued use of remote and hybrid hearings, we believe that the GPhC should consult with panellists, registrants and complaints who have been involved in the process to ensure they have a clear understanding of their experiences and any potential unintended consequences which may require mitigation.”

The full response if published on the PSA’s website.

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