The Professional Standards Authority has published its latest performance review report for Social Work England, covering 21/22.  For this period, Social Work England has met 16 out of the 18 Standards. 

Social Work England met the standard for equality, diversity and inclusion for the first time, after it obtained diversity data from most of its registrants by asking for it as part of the renewals process.

The Standards Social Work England did not meet were both in relation to its fitness to practice function. These were Standard 15, because the time taken to conclude fitness to practise cases has increased; and Standard 17 because Social Work England was taking too long to make decisions about interim orders.

This was the third year in a row that Social Work England did not meet Standard 17, triggering the PSA’s escalation process.

However, the PSA said:

“In this case, we decided not to escalate our concerns. This was because there have been different reasons why this Standard has not been met over the last three years, and we anticipate some improvement in the next performance review. We will be reviewing this Standard in detail next year as part of our periodic review.”

Colum Conway, chief executive of Social Work England, said:

“Once again, we welcome the Authority’s latest performance review highlighting both positive feedback and areas for improvement. We will continue to work determinedly to resolve challenges around fitness to practise as highlighted in the review.

“Earlier this month we published an ambitious new strategy for the next 3 years that we hope will drive further improvements in everything we do, and in social work in England. We will also shortly be publishing our next business plan which will reflect our operational priorities for the next 12 months.”

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