Professional Standards Authority supports Social Work England’s proposals on CPD saying it is broadly in line with its policies in this area.

Social Work England had committed to reviewing its CPD policy, and has in the meantime commissioned a review of social workers’ attitudes towards and experiences of CPD.

The PSA said in its response:

“Overall we support the proposals, which are broadly in line with our policies in this area.1 In particular, we welcome the proposal for SWE to set a theme for one of the two pieces of CPD ‘based on our insight into social work practice, or areas of practice that have emerged as a concern through our regulatory activity’. This would enable CPD to be targeted at the areas of risk, in a way that is agile and proportionate. We also support the proposal for risk-based
sampling of CPD validation.

“We recommend that social workers who fail to meet the CPD requirements should ultimately run the risk of losing their registration, once SWE has made fair and proportionate efforts to engage them in the process – and it is for SWE to determine what these would look like.

“Without this, there is a risk of the requirements not being taken seriously, and of their having limited effectiveness as a result. Given the feedback about the difficulties faced by many to carve out time for CPD, and the lack of available resources, a clear message from the regulator that CPD is a requirement of continued registration might help to embed the requirements.”

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