The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has met all 18 standards of good regulation set by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

The PSA report concluded that the PSNI:

  • met all the Standards this year. It took action to address most of the concerns we reported last year about its fitness to practise process and it continued to progress investigations in a timely manner, with no concerns identified about the quality of its investigations.
  • improved the transparency and accessibility of its work by publishing more information on its website, including the findings of its annual equality and diversity survey of registrants. It also used new ways to publicise the survey.
  • continued implementing the education reforms for pharmacists. This was the first year of the new Foundation Training Year (FTY) and the Common Registration Assessment (CRA). 

Specifically in relation to fitness to practise, the PSA’s report said:

“The number of older cases in the PSNI’s caseload remains relatively stable and does not give rise to concerns. The PSNI does not appear to have developed a backlog of cases since the pandemic.

“We are satisfied that Standard 15 is met this year because the PSNI addressed most of our concerns from last year, it continues to progress investigations in a timely manner and we have no concerns
about the quality of its investigations.”

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