Sayer v General Osteopathic Council [2021] EWHC 370 (Admin)

This is an appeal of a decision by the General Osteopathic Council to suspend the registration of Mr Sayer relating to “unacceptable conduct”.

Mr Sayer’s registration was suspended for 6 months by the GOsC’s Professional Conduct Committee for unacceptable professional conduct. The relevant unacceptable conduct was in relation to a non-professional personal relationship with a patient, which developed into a sexual relationship.

Mr Sayer appealed the suspension on the grounds that the decision of the Committee was wrong or unjust because of a serious procedural or other

Mr Justice Morris turned down the appeal on all the ground specified.  The merits of the case turned on its individual circumstances and Morris J concluded that:

“Whilst I recognise that the Committee took a firm line on the question of insight and erred in relation to risk to patient safety, nevertheless I conclude that the Committee’s reasoning and ultimately its conclusion, did not fall outside the bounds of what the Committee could properly and reasonably have decided.”