An appeal brought by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) against the General Optical Council’s fitness to practise committee’s sanction against optometrist Honey Rose has been upheld by the High Court.

Optician Online reported that Rose was handed a nine-month suspension without review in December 2020. A committee found her fitness to practise was impaired by virtue of misconduct following a failure to spot papilloedema caused by a build-up of fluid on the brain of eight-year-old Vinnie Barker in 2012. Barker died of hydrocephalus five months after his sight test with Rose.

The PSA appealed to the high court on the grounds that the assessment of the registrant’s fitness to practise wasn’t carried out properly and that the sanction wasn’t in the best interests of the protection of the public.

In a statement, the General Optical Council said:

“We acknowledge the judgement of the High Court to quash the decisions of our Fitness to Practise Committee (FTPC) regarding the case of optometrist Honey Rose. The matter has been remitted back to the GOC for a re-hearing in respect of impairment and sanction.

“We will carefully consider the judgement and as a new FTPC hearing will be held, we cannot comment further at this stage.

“The appeal hearing at the High Court was brought about by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) and took place on Thursday 7 October.”

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