A group of medical students have created an online resource to help other medical students apply the GMC’s Achieving Good Medical Practice guidance using social media.

Year 4 Student Doctors Xin Ying Chan, Yan Pui Lau (Dorothy), Htet Wadi Naing (Wendy) and Kulavee Prasansapakit (Earn) put together a comprehensive platform that was shortlisted for the prize and since shared with medical schools up and down the UK as a learning resource.

The students share the motivations and aims behind their Social Media Guidance for Medical Students website, based on their own experiences as student doctors.

The students, writing on the University of Liverpool’s website, said:

“We decided to take part in the competition because we saw it as a great opportunity to explore an important aspect of medicine outside the university curriculum.  Not only were we able to consolidate our knowledge on the GMC’s Achieving Good Medical Practice guidelines, we were also able to create a platform where we can share this resource with our peers.

“We understand that social media is very prevalent these days and is used by the majority of the public (patients, medical students, doctors, and other healthcare professionals alike).  While it is important to acknowledge the benefits of social media, it is perhaps even more crucial to be aware of the devastating consequences should it be used inappropriately.  It was a challenge to make the resource concise and at the same time informative. Instead of writing long paragraphs we created short real-life examples inspired by our experiences on placement.

“We also strived to create a user-friendly website by adding voice recordings to each tab for those who are visually impaired.  After several sessions of brainstorming together, not only did we manage to complete our website, but we also had a memorable time working together! We hope our peers find this useful in being more conscious of the impacts of social media in clinical settings.”

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