Medscape reported that MPTS involving leading oncologist Professor Stebbing was halted due to concerns about the evidence given by one of his key defence witnesses.

Prof Stebbing, a cancer medicine and oncology professor at Imperial College London with a private practice in Harley Street, has an international reputation for his innovative treatments which has led to wealthy, terminally-ill cancer patients from around the world turning to him in the hope of extending their lives.

He’s appearing before a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) fitness to practise hearing and is accused of failing to provide good clinical care to 12 patients between March 2014 and March 2017.

It reported that expert witness Professor Karol Sikora has been giving evidence on behalf of Prof Stebbing but Sharon Beattie QC, for the GMC, questioned Prof Sikora’s “impartiality” after the tribunal heard he’d approached Prof Stebbing before charges were brought against him and “volunteered his services”.

Professor Sikora also admitted to obtaining a “summary” about three of the 12 patients by “ways and means” from undisclosed sources.

Ms Beattie also said Prof Sikora had failed to mention in a report that he had volunteered his services and he’d taken the view, prior to being instructed in the case, “that these proceedings were unfair”.

Ms Beattie pressed Prof Sikora on how he’d obtained the patient summaries, claiming he hadn’t been truthful after initially telling tribunal Chair Hassan Khan that he “couldn’t remember” how he’d got them.

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