The Metro reported that Kenneth Brambles slapped the woman approximately 20 times in front of a student nurse in Lincolnshire in February 2019.

His fitness to practise was found impaired due to “deplorable” misconduct and accused of ‘’ behaviour by a disciplinary committee which suspended him for six months.

Brambles was showing the student, who was shadowing him, how to provide ‘pressure area care’ – treatment aimed at preventing bed sores.

The Nurse and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel heard that as he lifted the woman – identified only as Patient A – out of the chair she was sitting in onto the bed, he slapped her bottom and said ‘this is how we give pressure relief. Naughty girl, naughty girl’.

The health worker of 40 years, who was described as a ‘bit of a character’, said he liked to use humour and ‘banter’.

Brambles claimed he was using a ‘cupping’ technique to prevent her getting bed sores. She reported the incident at Scunthorpe General Hospital to the ward manager of the stroke unit the following morning. But he was then suspended and escorted off the premises and has not worked as a nurse since, the panel heard.

The committee said:

‘Patient A was vulnerable and you were providing personal care at the time.

‘Whilst the panel did consider that your actions were a misguided attempt to provide pressure area care, it determined that your actions would still be considered deplorable by the standards of your fellow practitioners.’

They continued: ‘The panel finds that Patient A was put at risk of both physical and emotional harm as a result of your misconduct.

‘Your misconduct had breached the fundamental tenets of the nursing profession and therefore brought its reputation into disrepute.’

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