Nottingham Post reported that a doctor who was caught by paedophile hunters has been struck off the medical register after being sentenced last year.

Doctor Joshua Ian Peake, who qualified in 2014 at the University of Nottingham and practised in Nottingham, was located and detained by an online child activist group known as TFN UK back in September 2019.

He was subsequently arrested and sentenced last year for his crimes, before being erased from the medical register during a Medical Practitioners Tribunal held in Manchester between August 11- 12 this year.

The tribunal chair, William Hoskins, determined Peake was unfit to practice and he was struck off from the register with immediate effect.

Peake’s response to the police was that he had been intoxicated when he first entered into the conversations and stated from the photographs of ‘Luke’, he did not believe him to be under eighteen, although he confirmed that he had been told in the course of the dialogue that ‘Luke’ was fourteen.

On August 19 last year, Peake was convicted of possessing an indecent photograph/pseudo-photograph of a child on three counts, possession of extreme images including the act of intercourse with a dead or alive animal as well as attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

He was also found guilty of causing a child between 13 and 15 to watch or look at an image of sexual activity.

On September 9, 2020, he was then sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court to a three-year community order, including 80-hours unpaid work, rehabilitation for 30 days and given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for five years.

His name was also placed on the Barring List by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

During the most recent tribunal David Birrell, for the General Medical Council (GMC), submitted that Peake fitness to practice was impaired by reason of his conviction and said it was “very serious offending”.

Mr Birrell said mitigating factors included the fact Peake had no previous fitness to practice findings and stated he pleaded guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

However, he told the tribunal he had also put forward a potential defence and said the public would be outraged if Peake was simply suspended from the medical register, rather than erased.

The tribunal verdict stated: “Accordingly, the tribunal has determined to direct that Dr Peake’s name be erased from the Medical Register.

“In the light of all the evidence presented to it, it is satisfied that erasure is the only proportionate sanction in his case.”

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