The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is to produce a report reviewing its approach to fitness to practise cases referred from failing maternity services.

It is reported that this is to “to understand how it had taken ‘context factors’ into account and whether there had been ‘a fair and proportionate approach’ to cases relating to major inquiries at maternity services.”

In its annual fitness to practise report, the NMC said it recognised that maternity services had “been under intense pressure”, saying it was “keen to support” the response to these inquiries – referring to failings reported in published investigations – and that it had “conducted a review” of fitness to practise referred to it.

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The report went on to say:

“The aim was to understand how we took context factors into account when handling these cases and making our decisions.”

“We wanted to learn whether we have been taking a fair and proportionate approach to cases relating to major inquiries, and also whether there is more we can do to support a more system-wide response to addressing failings in maternity services.”

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