Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) published a policy to support forcibly displaced people to join its register safely.  The policy explains how the NMC will work with “eligible” applicants to take account of alternative evidence that shows how they meet standards when applying to join the register.

On the NMC’s website, they said:

“We’ve made our processes as fair and proportionate as possible for the record numbers of international applicants to our register in recent years. However, meeting our registration requirements can be difficult for those who have moved due to conflict, persecution, terrorism, human rights’ abuses, or violence. For example, the documents we ask for may have been lost or destroyed, or we can’t contact third parties to verify the information someone has sent us.

“In these circumstances, we may consider other types of evidence. This needs to demonstrate the applicant has the skills and knowledge they need to deliver safe, effective and kind care for people.” 

Matthew McClelland, NMC Executive Director for Strategy and Insight, said:

Our registration processes are enabling record numbers of skilled, knowledgeable professionals from around the world to join our register as quickly and safely as possible. However, it can be harder for people who’ve been forcibly displaced to meet our requirements in the usual way. Our new policy will help us to support eligible applicants through the registration process, while also ensuring they meet our standards and can provide the safe, effective and kind care people have the right to expect.”

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