The Nursing and Midwifery (NMC) has confirmed it is to investigate ‘incredibly discriminatory’ email sent by practice nurse. 

The email, that has been described as “unprofessional, prejudice and incredibly discriminatory”, relates to a response a nurse had received to a job application for a role at a surgey in the Coventry and Rugby area. 

It has been reported that the response, which appeared to have been meant for someone else and came from a practice nurse, read: “Another one but again Nigerian”. 

The daughter of the nurse in question wrote on social media: “This is unprofessional, prejudice and incredibly discriminatory language which is against the NHS and nursing code of conduct.” 

The NMC has now confirmed it is investigating the incident. 

Andrea Sutcliffe, chief executive and registrar at the NMC, said:

“We are aware of the unacceptable comment made by email and shared over the weekend, which is another example of the long road ahead to stamping out discrimination. 

“We will work with the employer and the individuals involved to ensure the right support is provided and the appropriate action is taken. 

“We value the diversity of the nurses, midwives and nursing associates on our register, and it is unacceptable for anyone to be treated differently based on any aspect of who they are. 

“There should also be no place for discrimination in health and social care and we all have a responsibility to tackle it. 

“That is why our Code clearly sets out that all nursing and midwifery professionals must treat people fairly and without discrimination, and challenge any discriminatory attitudes and behaviours.”

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