The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has launched a consultation on its current education programme standards and whether they “should be changed.”

About the current standards, the NMC said these standards set out how courses should be delivered to ensure students get the right education – such as the number and ratio of theory/practice hours, entry requirements, length of programme, methods of assessment, and the level of award.

The review of NMC educational standards stems from the UK’s exit from EU membership.  The NMC noted on its website that “as the UK is no longer required to follow EU law on requirements for nursing and midwifery education programmes following the end of the EU exit transition period.”  It continued “Our standards reflect EU law and will remain the same unless we propose, consult and agree on any changes.”

The consultation will help the NMC decide whether:

  • all the requirements of EU law remain necessary to enable students to achieve the knowledge and skills requirements to join our register
  • any changes to our programme standards could help support workforce development and growth
  • the requirements of EU law have any influence on areas such as public protection, quality of care, or the quality and availability of education programmes, and;
  • alternative approaches to education programme standards that could better support students to achieve our standards of proficiency.

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