GPhC confirms foundation training year will replace the current pre-registration training year from July 2021.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) said the change “includes introducing new learning outcomes, which will replace the performance standards for trainee pharmacists.”

These changes are part of the implementation of the new standards for the initial education and training of pharmacists we published in January 2021.

“Adaptable pharmacist”

The GPhC said it implementation of these standards “will transform the education and training of pharmacists, so they are able to play a much greater role in providing clinical care to patients and the public from their first day on the register.

“They have been developed to produce adaptable pharmacist professionals who will be confident and capable of operating in multi-professional teams across a variety of healthcare settings, to meet diverse and changing patient needs.”

What are the key changes in the revised standards?

The new foundation training standards introduce a number of changes including:

  • incorporating the skills, knowledge and attributes for prescribing, to enable pharmacists to independently prescribe from the point of registration
  • introducing a new set of learning outcomes that will be used to assess the full five years of education and training, and which can link to a continuum of development into post-registration
  • emphasising the application of science in clinical practice and including a greater focus on key skills needed for current and future roles, including professional judgement, management of risk, diagnostic and consultation skills (including for remote consultations)
  • making the fifth year of initial education and training a foundation training year with strengthened supervision and support and collaborative working between higher-education institutions, statutory education bodies and employers
  • having a greater emphasis on equality, diversity and inclusion to combat discrimination and address health inequalities.

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