Consistent with other health and social care professions, the guidance has been developed to promote the best use of imaging for the effective assessment and care of patients. It should be seen alongside, and used in conjunction with existing ionising radiation regulations as well as iRefer and NICE guidance (links available in the Registrant Resource Centre).

The guidance was developed following a coroner’s request to the GCC to explore the requirement for pre-treatment imaging to establish whether a patient is suitable for treatment. In response, the GCC Council created an Expert Group, drawing on specialists from chiropractic, radiology, radiography, MSK specialists and other disciplines, to explore the clinical evidence for the use of x-ray in chiropractic, and to consider specific guidance for the profession.

The draft guidance was published for consultation in late 2021 with over 160 responses being submitted and considered.  We would like to thank all registrants, partners and organisations for their help and input into developing the guidance.

The new guidance on diagnostic imaging has been published in the Registrant Resource Centre, which also contains formal guidance and toolkits on a wide range of subjects from advertising to first aid and website content.

The GCC publishes guidance for the purposes of providing helpful and constructive advice for practising chiropractors in implementing the Code. Chiropractors must take account of guidance, use their professional judgement, demonstrate insight at all times and justify any decision that is not in line with guidance.

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