Social Work England (SWE) has reported a mixed picture on its Q3 fitness to practise performance.

In its latest performance report, Andy Leverton, Head of Business Planning and Improvement, said:

“The number of cases open at the triage stage remains higher than our planned trajectory. We have plans in place to reduce the number in Q4. We have continued to reduce the number of open investigations and look set to exceed our year-end target.”

Headline Figures

  • At the end of Q3 the number of open cases in the triage service exceeded SWE’s planned trajectory. SWE faced challenges during Q3 as incoming referrals were high and capacity was reduced due to people turnover and higher than expected levels of sickness.
  • SWE continue to reduce the investigation caseload and are set to exceed its forecast. By the end of Q3 the caseload was more than 300 lower than expected.
  • SWE remain on track to exceed targets of concluding 80% of investigations into legacy cases transferred from the previous regulator by the end of the year.
  • The overall time taken to conclude cases requiring an investigation in Q3 was 73 weeks. This figure was expected to increase during the year as SWE are targeting the resolution of legacy case.
  • Overall, the service remains on target to meet its objective of concluding consideration of interim orders within 20 working days in 2021-22 however this rose to an average of 23 days in Q3.

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