A surgeon who branded his initials on two patients’ livers has been struck off the medical register.

Simon Bramhall admitted using an argon beam machine to autograph the organs in 2013 while working at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We reported in July 2021 that the High Court has remitted the case of Mr Simon Bramhall back to the MPTS following an appeal by the GMC and PSA on grounds of lenient sanction.

Reviewing the case, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) said it was an “act borne out of a degree of professional arrogance”. It said his actions “undermined” public trust in the medical profession. In December 2017, Bramhall, of Tarrington, Herefordshire, admitted two counts of assault by beating at Birmingham Crown Court and the following year was fined £10,000. It is reported that although, the tribunal said, it “accepted that no lasting physical damage was caused to either patient”, Bramhall’s actions had caused one of them “significant emotional harm”. It also noted Bramhall was of “previous good character” but erasure from the medical register was the “proportionate sanction” as the “overall context of providing life-saving care” did not mitigate against “Mr Bramhall’s gross violation of his patients’ dignity and autonomy”. Following the tribunal hearing, an immediate suspension order was put in place to cover a 28-day appeals period.

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