Kings View is widely considered to be the leading legal representatives for health and social care tribunals, rated excellent by its clients and with a proven track record of case success.

Building on its success as a leading professional discipline and regulatory law chambers, Kings View is excited to announce the launch of Insight Works Training, unique and practical courses focusing on impairment, reflection, insight, and remediation.

With over 30 years combined experience representing health and care registrants before all the major fitness to practise regulatory hearings and tribunals, we understand the direct correlation between cases where the registrant did not properly evidence reflection, insight, and remediation and those who received the more serious sanctions.

Insight Works Training has been developed specifically to address this.  The courses are unique and practical focussing solely on taking health and care registrants through the process of impairment, reflection, insight and remediation, focussing on the area where nearly all professionals fall down – proving, evidencing, and demonstrating them.

Insight Works Training offers courses on:

  • Impairment, reflection, insight, and remediation;
  • Restoration for healthcare practitioners who are considering making an application for restoration back onto the register; and
  • 1:1 mentoring programme specifically designed for those facing fitness to practise or restoration hearings.

The training will be delivered by both leading healthcare experts and legal experts in their field of defence, all with years of experience in mentoring and coaching.

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Insight Works Training