Mr Justice Fordham has approved an application by the General Medical Council (GMC) for an extension of an Interim Order of Conditions in GMC v Mwambingu.

The Defendant, a GP who faces allegations of failing to action urgent, and non-urgent, referrals of patients; of pre-signing prescription forms; and of prescribing to her family members. Expert reports relating to her alleged clinical misconduct have expressed the view that her overall standard of care fell seriously below that expected of a reasonably competent GP. In addition, there are allegations of failing to declare additional sources of income when applying for payments, as a medical practitioner suspended from the Performer’s List.  Mr Justice Fordham commenting that “at the heart of which allegations are issues of probity and honesty.”

In granting the application, Fordham J said:

“I have had regard to all the circumstances and features of the case, the seriousness of the allegations, the nature of the evidence relied on, the risk to relevant members of the public and to the public interest if the Defendant were permitted to practise without any restrictions on her registration, the reasons for the extension requested, and the reasons why the case has not yet finally been determined. I am satisfied that the necessity test is met, both as to protecting the public and the public interest.”

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