We previously reported that the Health and Care Professions Council has issued for Physiotherapists on how to rejoin the register if you’ve been removed.

The HCPC has followed this up with a further statement on physiotherapist renewals.

The statement says:

“As the regulator of 15 different health and care professions, we know that physiotherapists, and indeed all allied health professionals and registrants, play vital roles in the health and care system. Registration renewal is an important part of ensuring registered health and care professionals are safe to practise, with renewals taking place over a three-month period every two years. When the renewal window opens, we contact people via email and text. If we do not have an email address, we make every effort to contact registrants; firstly by phone and then by post, to ensure they have ample time to renew. We regularly remind registrants of renewal dates on social media channels, in our newsletters and through their professional bodies, as well as sending out a reminder email two weeks before the renewal deadline.

“In our renewal processes, we usually see between 90 and 97% of a profession choose to renew, as people leave professions for many different reasons, including retirement or a career change. 91% of physiotherapists renewed this year. We fully appreciate the impact on patients and services and the distress that can be caused when registrants unintentionally let their registration lapse. To minimise the impact of this, we are working seven days a week to get people back on the Register as quickly as possible and have now processed 95% of all readmission forms we have received.”