The HCPC has launched it #myhcpcstandards webinars, focussing on its updated standards of proficiency.

The Health and Care Professions Council, recently released updates to its standards of proficiency, which comes into effect on 1 September 2023. #myhcpcstandards is a series of webinars designed to support HCPC registrants in meeting the standards.

“All HCPC registrants will need to be ready to integrate the new standards into their practice by this date.”

The HCPC said:

“To ensure that registrants are fully supported with the transition, the HCPC will be providing a range of information and content in the weeks leading up to 1 September 2023. This includes webinars, written content, videos and direct email contact with registrants.”

In these events, HCPC’s professional liaison consultants and policy colleagues will discuss what has changed in each area, along with strategies and resources to help registrants integrate these standards into their practice.

These events are now open for registration.

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