The Health and Care Professions Council has issued for Physiotherapists on how to rejoin the register if you’ve been removed.

The renewal window for physiotherapists closed on 30 April 2022. However, the HCPC said “In the following days, some have checked the Register and found that they have been removed.”

The HCPC however said “readmission is our quickest process”:

  1. Fill out the readmission short form
  2. Email it to by 30 May 2022
  3. Pay your registration fee
  4. Your name will reappear on the online

If you are applying to rejoin after 30 May 2022, you will need to complete a more detailed readmission form and pay the readmission fee in addition to the registration fee.

In order to practice under one of our protected titles in the UK, you are legally required to be on the Register. However, providing you do not practice under that title, whether or not you can undertake duties at your workplace is at your employer’s discretion. This might mean that you can carry out some duties under supervision.

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