The HCPC has issued an update in the implementation of the fee increase its council approved earlier this year.

In its update, the HCPC said:

When Council agreed the increase to our registration fees in March 2023, our communication with registrants, professional bodies, unions and other stakeholders stated that the earliest this fee rise would be in place would be 1st July 2023.

The legislative process for the HCPC’s fee rise is ongoing. We can confirm that for clinical scientists, prosthetists / orthotists and speech and language therapists, whose renewal window opens on 1st July 2023, the registration renewal fee will remain at £98.12 per year.

Occupational therapists (whose renewal window opens on 1st August 2023), and biomedical scientists (whose renewal window opens on 1st September 2023), will also pay the current registration renewal fee of £98.12 per year.

We are continuing to work with the Department for Health and Social Care and Scottish Government officials and we will provide further updates to registrants, professional bodies, unions and other stakeholders in due course.

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