The Health and Care Professions Council has launched a consultation on the introduction of a set of proposed guiding principles for preceptorship.

“Preceptorship is a period of structured transition to guide and support all newly qualified practitioners from student to autonomous professional in order to develop their practice further.”

The HCPC said on its website:

High quality preceptorship programmes support health and care professionals to develop and maintain confident, safe and effective practice throughout their careers. The guiding principles aim to promote excellence and standardisation in the quality of preceptorship programmes available and form a key part of our corporate strategy to promote high-quality professional practice.

Following a pre-consultation engagement period with a wide range of stakeholders, including representation from across the UK and all professions we regulate, we have worked closely with Health Education England to develop the guiding principles for preceptorship which we are now consulting on.

We want the proposed principles provide the best support they can for registrants, employers and the wider health and care sector. We will therefore review all responses to our consultation carefully and consider how we might reflect feedback in the final principles to ensure this work reflects the needs of our diverse stakeholders and registrant groups.

The consultation document sets out our proposal to introduce guiding principles for preceptorship. It outlines:

  • why the HCPC is involved in this piece of work;
  • how registrants, employers and the wider health and care sector can work together to gain the benefits of effective preceptorship programmes;
  • how the principles have been developed leading up to this consultation;
  • how you can submit a response.

The consultation will close on 21 December 2022.

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