The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland have signed a MoU to cooperate on fitness to practise issues.

The working relationship between HIS and the HCPC is part of an “assurance system” for healthcare in Scotland which promotes patient safety and high quality care.

This new memorandum sets out the framework for working relationships between both our organisations. Under the new MoU, the HCPC and HIS intend to work jointly together by adopting the following principles: 

  • Making decisions that promote patient safety and high quality healthcare
  • Respecting each organisation’s independent status
  • Maintaining public confidence in both our organisations and the regulatory process
  • Openness and transparency between the two organisations as to when cooperation is and is not considered necessary or appropriate
  • The need to use resources effectively and efficiently

Registrant’s fitness to practise

Under the new memorandum of understanding (MoU), the HCPC and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) will share with each other registrant’s fitness to practise information upon direct request by either organisation.

In particular, HIS will refer to the HCPC information any concerns and relevant information about a registrant which may call into question his or her fitness to practice, or about any individuals when it is suspected that they are using a protected title however they are not registered with HCPC.

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